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Category: Best Shavers & Trimmers for Men

Best Shavers & Trimmers for Men

If you are going to give yourself a buzz cut, you need to hunt down one of the best hair Trimmers. At least, if you want to do it right, it’s your business if you want your head to look like a chewed-on tennis ball. We know you already have one of those, so put down the beard clippers and the body hair trimmers, and it seems like they should work great, but they are just not robust enough to deal with a real haircut.

One of the best hair clippers for me, a computer built exactly for your cranium, is what you need for your DIY cut. There are hundreds of great choices, and something for everyone, whether it’s bald guys, regular tourists, or buzz cut veterans every two weeks. (Bald-headed guys will want to check out some electric shavers too, though, because some of the polish the dome pretty nicely.)

Over time, technical advancements have made it possible for the best electric razors to offer an experience almost as rewarding as a conventional wet shave-minus the feeling of masculine achievement you can only get a few times in the morning, of course, by lathering up and nicking your chin.

Below are the best trimmers and shavers for men

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  • When going for a short shave, tired of the nicks and cuts? Try the Philips AT610 14 AquaTouch Shaver and enjoy a wet or dry shave that is smooth and refreshing


    • Refreshing wet shave with foam or an easy dry shave
    • CloseCut blades glide gently for a smooth, close cut.
    • Consistent blade performance for up to 2 years.
    • A 10-hour charge gives 30+ minutes of cordless power.
    • Unique ergonomic grip for extra precision and full control.
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  • Highlights

    • Model Number: 609c
    • Number of Speed Settings: 2
    • Brand: Dingling
    • Number of Heads: 5
    • Operating Function : Wet & Dry
    • Type: Hair Clipper
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  • A compact and handheld unit for trimming beards is the Moser Travel Shaver. This runs both on rechargeable batteries and on the power supplied by the main unit. For safety, the single head blade is protected with a lid.


    • Stainless steel material
    • Indications: Charge level indicator
    • Durability: Long life
    • Charging Time:8h, Operating Time: 45 Minutes
    • Type of Operation: Battery Operated
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  • This Philips HC3100 Home hair clipper is designed, time after time, to give you a professional hair cut or shave. To ensure less skin discomfort, the special nature of the strong steel blades is engineered.


    • Durable, linear motor with powerful cutting performance
    • Perfect for hair and face
    • Strong steel blades last up to 4 times longer
    • Adjustable blades with close precision from 0.5mm to 3mm
    • Textured handle for an easy, non-slip grip
    • Extra-long 2.4 m cord
    • Specially designed tips of the blade for fewer cuts
    • Special blades for less skin damage
    • Click-on hair combs for the best clipping results
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  • With DualCut Technology for Men, the Philips MG1100/15 Multigroom Series 1000 Ultra Precise Beard Styler gets your trim finished with power and accuracy.


    • Get the Details Straight
    • DualCut for the Clear Cut
    • Perfect Lines and an Even Trim
    • The Convenience Factor
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  • Insurable Attachments Philips Multigroom Series 3000 6 in 1, MG3710/13 SELF-SHARPENING, SKIN-FRIENDLY BLADES FOR A Great TRIM Get the perfect trim, time after time.


    • Self-sharpening, skin-friendly blades for a perfect trim
    • Trim and style your face with 6 tools.
    • Run time: up to 60 minutes of cordless use per charge
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  • With our most accurate and flexible trimmer, perfect your own personal style. 13 luxury instruments inspire you, from head to toe, to craft your unique style.


    • Trim and style your face, hair, and body with 13 tools
    • 8 combs for trimming your face, hair, and body, Automatic voltage:100-240 V
    • Run time up to 120 minutes of cordless use per charge, No-slip rubber grip for improved comfort and control
    • Showerproof for convenient use in the shower and cleaning
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  • With this powerful Philips Series 5000 trimmer, which includes 11 quality tools for shaping your face, hair, and body, you can craft your personal look.


    • Confidently shave or trim all body zones: The skin comfort system features a hypoallergenic foil and rounded tips to protect your skin while shaving, even in sensitive areas
    • Uniquely designed with a bi-directional trimmer and 3 mm comb: This tool makes it possible to catch and cut hairs even when they grow in different directions
    • Create your own style: Attach the combs onto the shaving system to trim hair to fixed length settings of 3 mm, 5 mm, or 7 mm, or use without the combs for a closer result
    • 60 minutes run time of cordless use after a 1-hour charge
    • 100% showerproof for a comfortable and close result in and out of the shower
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