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Category: Best Irons for Clothes

Best Irons for Clothes

Steam irons are used widely because they can remove wrinkles from your clothes quickly and efficiently. They are smaller and more compact in size than other irons, so their manageability, transport, and storage are incredibly versatile. Their weight is quite light, it gives benefit to the people who have mobility problems.

These irons use steam in combination with heat to smooth out any type of stubborn creases, leaving your garments looking crisp and polished. The steam irons which we sell are of high-quality and they have nonstick sole plates which ensures that they can generate a significant amount of heat and won’t ruin your clothes like cheap irons do. If you’re looking to buy a new iron then you’re at the right place! Following are some of the top suggested models

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  • Best Top Quality Philips Steam Iron Blue GC1432/20 is the best steam iron you can get in this price range. It’s from the brand Philips which is very famous when it comes to steam iron. It has non-stick sole plate which makes your gliding easier and doesn’t let your clothes stick. You can find a fine spray present under it which moistens the fabric so you can easily remove the wrinkles. Its lightweight, you can carry it anywhere you want. You can’t get any better option than GC1432/20.

    • Capacity of water tank is 220ml
    • Comfortable grip
    • Can be powered up to 2000 watt

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  • HST1200 Handheld garment steamer is a product by Black & Decker and it has much more benefits over a standard iron. This steamer is gentler on clothes and easy to work with. HST1200 aids in keeping your clothes wrinkle free and fresh for a longer period of time. When you are using this garment steamer, all you require to do is to hang your clothes, turn on the steamer and start steaming, that’s it! You can’t find any better deal on this handheld garment steamer anywhere else in KSA.

    • 1200 Watts
    • 260ml Water Tank Capacity
    • Best for soft garments
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  • Best Inexpensive Black & Decker X1600 B5 Vertical Steam Iron 1750 Watt Green & White is top of the line steam iron with a very affordable price. It has a very comfortable grip, you can use it comfortably for hours. It’s a product of Black & Decker company, they are famous for their high-quality and best performance appliances.

    It features a non-stick sole plate which will save your clothes from sticking. You can’t find any better deal on X1600 than this one.

    • 1750W Power
    • Non-stick sole plate
    • Over heat protection
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